Posted on: September 18, 2008 6:04 am

Should Pryor start?

Jim Tressel has a very important decision to make for this upcoming weekend,

"To start Terrelle Pryor or not to start Terrelle Pryor, that is the question."

 Right now there are three things that could potentially slow down Pryor's development or give Jim Tressel second thoughts about puting him in the game.

An injury, obviously an injury can put a damper on any football players season. Pryor being inexperienced and still adjusting to the faster pace of college football means that he is more prone to getting hit and injured, this is only amplified by the fact that Pryor is a mobile QB and will run whenever he feels pressure.

Analysis: Even the best of the best are not immune to injuries. Keeping Pryor out of the game for fear of an injury would be similar to not showing up Saturday so that the rest of the team can be fully rested come time for Big 10 play.

A lack of confidence, if Pryor gets into a game and throws a few picks, gets hit for several losses, is constantly being pressured and cannot go through his progressions, then he could begin to develope a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence can be devistating to a QB causing somewhat of a "snowball effect" constantly growing and growing untill the problem, whatever it may be, is dealt with.

Analysis: Ohio State plays against Troy this weekend which means Pryor will be faceing a much less talented defense than he did last week. Starting Pryor now before Ohio State gets into Big 10 play will be much easier than throwing him in the game sporadically against teams like Penn State, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Getting Pryor into a rhythm with the rest of the offense is better sooner rather than later.

Seniority and experience, Pryor simply doesnt have seniority and is much less experienced than Todd Boeckman. Boeckman started an entire season for the buckeyes and has played in a National Championship game not to mention Boeckman is in his 6th year and is much more mentally mature than Pryor.

Analysis: Come on! Boeckman has proven big game after big game that he handles pressure about as well as DeSean Jackson celebrates touchdowns... Boeckman shows little or no signs of his "experience" and is only capable of producing against poor competition. Granted, if Ohio State could get competitors to promise not to put pressure on Boeckman and only match up with his WR's in single coverage then id love for him to get the start.

The Breakdown:

Pryor is a more than capable QB. He will be a star one day and there is a good chance people will eventually be watching him on sundays. The great thing that i can see about Pryor is that he seems to be a natural leader and a fierce competitor. It is precisely because of that competitive nature that you should not start Pryor. Put Pryor in the second play of the game and give him the majority of the snaps, but make him prove to you that he deserves to be the starting QB and didnt just recieve it by default.

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